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School of Statistics has an education team with professional business ability and great development potential. At present, there are 62 in-service faculty members, 50 full-time teachers, and 11 specially appointed lecture professors, adjunct professors and cooperative tutors. Among the full-time teachers, 33 of them have senior titles (associate professors pre-appointed), accounting for 66%; 1 Shandong Provincial Famous Teacher, 5 Doctoral Supervisors and 21Master Supervisors; Teachers under the age of 45 are accounted for 66%, and teachers with doctorate or higher academic degrees are accounted for 72%, and 6 students are studying for a doctorate. Young and middle-aged teachers constitute the main body of the teaching team. With a solid foundation, diligent and energetic, they are the main force of talent training and the backbone of scientific research, social service and cultural inheritance innovation. The joining of distinguished professors has injected positive boosting effect and long-term influence into the improvement of the discipline construction level of the college.


School of Statistics implements the strategy of "Strengthening the college with Talents", and adheres to the working principle of people-oriented, high-end leading and full use of talents, and pays great attention to the construction of talent team, and actively creates a good environment conducive to the growth of talents. At present, school has "a doctorate in statistics level discipline - level academic master, professional master enrollments-undergraduate enrollments" perfect talent training subject system, gradually formed to "social economic statistics" and "mathematical statistics" for the discipline lead, "financial statistics, and risk management" and "big data" financial management personnel training characteristic of interdisciplinary integration, are gradually formed wide talent agglomeration and development platform.


School of Statistics warmly welcome all talents to join!


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(Updated December 2019)

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